Hi! My name is Victoria, but most people call me "Tori".  I'm 9 years old and can't wait to go back to the states next year on furlough!  I have only had 2 Christmas holidays in the states and am excited to celebrate the holiday season there!  I love to sing, swim, read, and play with my friends and my puppy dog.

I'm am driven by "Project First Impact" and am counting the days until we arrive to Caucel. In preparation for this new ministry, I am working on completing my master's degree.  I love spending time with my family and look forward to our weekly family Fridays!  I likewise enjoy hunting, the outdoors, as well as reading, and running.

Hi, Everyone!  Life on the mission field (at times) can be a real challenge.  So, to unwind, I LOVE spending time with my hubby and kids.  I also enjoy reading-all different genres, music, traveling, blogging, my siblings, sharing a cup of coffee with a friend and of course... shopping!

 Hey!  My name is Tyler and I'm 7 years old.   I home school, but I don't really like it very much...it's kind of boring for me.  Sometimes, when mom isn't watching, I draw or play a video game...I LOVE video games!!  When I grow up, I want to always stay at home with mom and dad and eat mom's cooking.

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