Project First Impact                                                                     

February 2, 2010

Webster defines impact as: the power of an event or idea that produces changes; to affect. For many years our family has targeting youth with the gospel. As a result, many have been saved, discipled, and Peninsula Baptist Church has been established.  We have reached our goal as the teen ministry has been placed into national hands. We have worked ourselves out of a job as Miguel and Laura along with Luis and Glendi have assumed leadership of the teen ministry. However, although we are “officially” out of a job at Peninsular, we are busier than ever.

In one sense, as missionaries, our job is never completed. There is always another person to reach, another discipleship lesson to give, or even another church to plant; there is always a need. Take the city of Merida for instance. In 2002, the population was 800,000, but by 2012 the population is estimated to reach two-million people. Most of this growth is taking place in the new city of Caucel (kaw-kel). Currently, there is no church of any kind in this city. Peninsular is excited about being a “mother” church and our family is excited about teaming up with the Yeater family so that together we can affect the city of Caucel with the truth of the gospel.

As our new logo demonstrates (see below) the premise of “Project First Impact” is simple. First, we will continue to share the gospel (tree) in order that others might become connected to Christ (red leaf). Secondly, we will implement several foundational and sequential discipleship series that will assist these new converts as they grow to maturity within Community Baptist Church (green leaf). Thirdly, we will employ the use of concentric circles of outreach as the “La Communidad” shares the gospel of hope in our community (blue leaf). Our goal is to get there first. What can you do in order to help us make the “first impact?” Will you give? Will you come? Will you pray?


    “First Impact” Prayer Request

                 *      For Seminary student Josué & Abi as they pray about joining the Caucel team.

                *      For guidance as we begin looking for a church location in Caucel.

               *      For wisdom as we lay out outreach and discipleship materials.


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