Opposites definitely attract...Elisabeth lived most of her life in one of the world’s largest cities, Buenos Aires, Argentina, while Jeff was raised in rural Pennsylvania.  He grew up enjoying the fresh air, open spaces, fishing and hunting, while she was comfortable with large crowds, skyscrapers and subways.  However, when we met on our first day at Bible college, there was never anyone one else for either of us!  After dating for three years, we were married in the spring of 1997 and remain happily so! 

Shortly after our marriage, we began our new life together serving in a country church in Georgia.  There we learned many things but some of our favorites (to this day) are: drinking sweet tea, eating grits and loving southerners and their sweet hospitality!  After ministering several years with young people in GA, God opened our hearts to missionary work in Central America and in particular…the youth.

Since beginning our missionary service in 1999, life has RARELY had a dull moment!  We’ve traveled throughout the United States raising our support, studied Spanish in Costa Rica, been blessed with two wonderful children, seen a new church planted, many young people place their lives in God's hands, discipleship materials developed, nationals who are being trained, a local youth fellowship organized, and a youth house (The Island) established. Amazingly, He continues to "daily load us with benefits"!

We're excited to see how He'll continue to use us as we prepare for our third term here in the Yucatan Peninsula and as we begin a new phase of ministry with Project First Impact!

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