By partnering with my parents, Don & Carolyn Carney, God has enabled us to plant La Iglesia Bautista Peninsular. As a result of this church plant, we have seen numerous children, teens, and adults place their faith in Jesus Christ. Many new Christians have been discipled and are growing to be mature, reproducing co-laborers in the ministry.  Now, with "Project First Impact" God is leading us to duplicate this process in another needy area by planting a new church.

What is "Project First Impact"  all about?  

  • Connecting others to Christ
  • Connecting others to His church
  • Connecting others to their community
Where will "Project First Impact"  take place? 
  • Our target zone is the city of Caucel. Its current population is 90,000 even though it is only in phase two of nine different phases! They are building a zoo, an airport, several shopping centers, as well as an additional 50,000 houses. Our desire is to make the "first impact" as we target this growing city. Will you catch the vision?
  • Our ministry partners are the Bob Yeater family. Likewise, we are working with missionary Donald Carney to enlist the help of one national couple from Bible Baptist Seminary. Will you join team "first impact?"
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